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Sörmland – the Cotswold of Sweden

Chances are you’ve had a glimpse of Sörmland already, albeit not knowing. For instance, did you see the film ”The girl with the dragoon tattoo”? Or are you a keen fan of the fictitious Inga Lindström, drawing some 6-8 million spectators each episode in Germany, Russia and other countries. The county of Sormland is popular among film producers regardless of theme.

Sormland has been called the Cotswold of Sweden. It’s scenic beauty attracting walkers, kayakers, sailors and cyclist as well as bird watchers and other nature lovers. It strategic geographic position close to Stockholm made it popular among the Gentry already in the Medieval times and the county has hundreds of manors and Castles, some of which are open for visits or overnight stays.

Visitors are not the only ones taking advantage of what nature offers. The regional cuisine merits from game meat, fresh fish, organically produced dairy products as well as berries and mushrooms picked locally.

Sormland is part of the Stockholm region and having been a popular area for summer houses, many young families now leave the capital to create a year-round home in one of the many towns on commuting distances.

Sörmland is full of treasures and hidden gems. See for yourself. Visit Sörmland!