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The project Skavsta Access 2.0 involves upgrading the runway technology, allowing planes to land in all weather. Besides this it includes studies and prognoses necessary in the preparations for the increased capacity of the airport and the making of an international hub for aviation, rail and road transports by the planned high speed train station at the airport. The project receives EU-funding from the Connecting Europe Facility for the period 2016-2019. Forecasts are now being presented enabling vital decision.

SWECO, a Swedish consultant company specialised in engineering, environmental technology and architecture was given two assignments; likely number of passengers by 2040 and means of transport by these passengers.

5,7 million passengers likely in 2040

The prognosis carried out by SWECO confirms the earlier calculations that 5.7 million persons will travel by way of Stockholm Skavsta airport on an annual basis in 2040.  This means a daily flow in the area of between 30 000  to 40 000 persons compared to todays flow of 5000-6000 persons. The growth will have a huge impact on the layout of area.

Daily 5000 are expected to choose train to and from airport 

A traffic hub is planned by the airport’s train station permitting a smooth system for cars, regional buses, airport coaches and rail transports to the freight harbour in Oxelösund for shipping in the Baltic Sea, as well as bicycles. In order to achieve this, SWECO calculated on the chosen means of transportation. The report shows that 5 000 persons will arrive to the area by train daily and that 170 airport coaches are expected to circulate on a daily basis. The study provides vital planning material not least in deciding access to and exits off the motorway for all the different vehicles.