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880x550-urban-granstromThe Swedish Transport Administration (STA) is investigating relocating the East link station at Stockholm Skavsta Airport from the main leg for high speed train to the regional stretch.

– STA is not taking its responsibility from an overriding all-inclusive transport perspective, says Urban Granström, mayor of Nyköping. They are jeopardizing Stockholm Skavsta’s role as an infrastructure resource in a national context as well as the environmental benefits with a train station at the airport, since a prolonged ride will diminish the incentive to take the train instead of the car.

– The proposed new stretch of the regional rail would also create a barrier at the airport area blocking planned business development and impeding regional growth, continues Granström.

The original plan, with a train station on the main leg of the East link rail, creates good access from Stockholm and Östergötland to the airport. This inter modality  of aviation, train and road traffic improve international access to the whole region and benefits the environment.

The municipality of Nyköping is asking for two trains per hour to both Stockholm Skavsta on the main leg and Nyköping city centre on the regional leg of the East link rail. Analyses made by the municipality show this to be feasible  from a commercial perspective.
The Swedish Transport Administration (STA) motivate the new location of the Airport train station to lack of capacity at the main leg. According to STA there is a need for 5 high speed trains per hour between Stockholm – Göteborg and Stockholm – Malmö and  vice verse. These trains would not stop at the Airport, nor would there be capacity at the rail for trains that do. The municipality of Nyköping question these estimates based on comparisons with high speed links in use in Europe today.