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Nyköping is booming

Nyköping – a small picturesque town at the shores of the Baltic Sea – or so you would think. Don’t be deceived by our small town charm – this town is booming.

The area surrounding Stockholm is growing at a remarkable speed. The region between Stockholm and Linköping via Nyköping and Norrkoping sees an unprecedented growth rate. In concrete terms this means at net increase by 700 citizens each year. Today just over 54 000 people live in the municipality. For the last 10 years Nyköping has had the largest increase in housing constructions in the country. By 2040 Nyköping is predicted to have some 80 000 inhabitants.

Nyköping invests in growth

There is agreement among local politicians from all parties to invest actively in growth. And business is booming. The business sector in Nyköping Municipality is typical for Swedish county towns. There is a large public sector, a large private hospitality and service sector and a small proportion of manufacturing industry.  The business sector is with time becoming broader and more diversified in scope. For the last 15 years, more than 200 businesses are set up annually and 2015 saw a record high 292 new companies.

The growth rate is several percentages higher than the national average. And compared to the rest of Sweden, a higher percentage of the population in Nyköping is working in all age groups with the exception of men 65+.

The town is currently developing several Business Parks and can offer building plots of all sizes up to 50 000 m2 or more. Furthermore a large number of serious and reputable property owners offer premises for different types of activities on existing premises.

International proximity benefits local tourism  

Statistics show that the local tourism benefits from the proximity to the international airport Stockholm Skavsta and the E4 motorway which runs past Nyköping, with around 25 000-30 000 cars per day. The tourism turnover in 2015 was 1.5 billion SEK, a 5 per cent increase compared to the previous year.

Over 1000 persons are employed annually within local tourism. With several restaurants and cafés listed in the White Guide and plenty of national sport camps taking place in the sport facilities adding to historic and scenic attractions, the town draws a wide range of visitors from near and far.

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