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The National Negotiation proposes the Government to continue the dialogue regarding co-financing of station at Skavsta

21 december 2017

Sweden’s first high-speed railway will run between Stockholm and Gothenburg/Malmö. The regional project ”Ostlänken” from Södertälje Syd to Linköping has been incorporated in this bigger picture and will become the first leg. The new railway aims to shorten the time required to travel by train between the country’s three metropolitan regions. It will also contribute to economic growth in the regions along the new railway and in the rest of Sweden, which means that the new railway should enable both competitive high speed train traffic between the end destinations (320 km/h) and fast regional train traffic (250 km/h).

An express train should be able to travel between Stockholm and Gothenburg in two hours, and between Stockholm and Malmö in two and a half hours.

The cities along Ostlänken and the airport has negotiated with The National Negotiation on Housing and Infrastructure on co-financing of the project. At the same time there have been discussions on the exact location of stations etc. between the cities, the airport and the Swedish Transport Administration  Not an entirely smooth set up.

The National Negotiation on housing and Infrastructure handed over their final report to the Minister of Infrastructure on Dec 20.  As the exact location of the station at Stockholm Skavsta Airport not yet is decided, the financial negotiations between the Airport and the National Negotiation could not be concluded on time. They will resume at a later stage with a different National Agent. The National Negotiation writes in the report that Stockholm Skavsta Airport can be of national importance with more regular flights.