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Swedish government backs Winter Olympics 2026 bid

We comment
9 april 2019

The bid for Winter Olympics 2026 and Winter Paralympics 2026 in Sweden is backed by the Swedish Government. Amanda Lind, minister with responsibility for sports made the announcement earlier today. If the Winter Olympics 2026 will be held in Stockholm a great number of visitors are expected to fly through Stockholm Skavsta airport.

According to a report made by the Municipality of Stockholm, it is likely that 1.6 million tickets are sold to arenas, 32 000 volonteers will work and 9000 people will secure world wide media coverage. The Winter Olympics in 2018 attracted 3 billion Viewers according to IOC. History show that the cities hosting games have an increase in visitors before, during and after the Olympics.

The International Olympic Committee will decide on June 24 whether the games will be held in Milan-Cortina or Stockholm-Åre-Falun-Latvia

Fingers crossed!