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Sweden’s third busiest Airport

15 november 2019

The number of passengers traveling through Stockholm Skavsta continues to increase. Thereby passing Bromma and claiming the title of Sweden's third biggest airport in total as well as international travel. According to the Swedish Transport Agency, 1 984 666 people have chosen to fly via Stockholm Skavsta as of October. While 1 977 205 traveled via Bromma. The cause of the continuing rise lies in the travelers motives. People who travel via SSF do so extensively in the line of duty or to visit family and friends.

According to a newly performed study, 47 percent of passengers state that they travel to meet their friends, family and close ones. While between 10-15 percent travel in service. A large portion of travelers are people who work in the Swedish building industry or medical services, but have their families in another European country. We will see more of this as more infrastructure projects are being implemented in the greater Stockholm region. Nations such as Poland have a growing middle class, approximately as large as Sweden’s entire population. These people have the economic means to visit family members and friends that work in Another European country. From 47 destinations all throughout Europe, it is possible to get to the Stockholm region via Stockholms Skavsta airport which naturally facilitates physical meetings.