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Sweden needs a helicopter perspective

We comment
9 november 2018

I December the report from the national committee preparing for the expansion of Arlanda will be presented. The committee has looked at several aspects relevant for the development such land access, air access and airport redundancy.

We argue that Stockholm Skavsta is a resource that complement Arlanda with a potential that can facilitate the expansion. Particularly so as the high speed train will stop at the airport and because of the geographical location of Stockholm Skavsta, south of central Stockholm.

Recently a prominent spokesperson of the Swedish business sector and a member of the Arlanda committee, Jacob Wallenberg, surprised many by supporting the planned closing of Bromma airport in 2038. The future of Bromma airport has been discussed for a long time with many well-founded arguments on both sides. We do not comment on other airports apart from Arlanda and this is no exception.

However, this week the negative climate effects a move of the traffic from Bromma to Arlanda would create were pointed out. Which is a relevant and true description since most routes are southbound.

We stress the need for a conclusive view of the infrastructure resources in the greater and growing Stockholmregion. It is time to look at how international access is best achieved from a societal, geographical and environmentally-friendly perspective. To us the obvious answer includes the Southern Gateway to Stockholm accessed by high speed trains.