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Strenghtened co-operation to support Nordic tourism

16 juli 2019

The Nordic council of ministers agreed in June on a plan for tourism 2019-2023. The Swedish government is working on a national strategy for tourism for the period 2030. If the national economies of the Nordic countries were combined to one (1) it would be the 12th biggest in the world. The importance of tourism for the national and regional economies is substantial, hence the desicion to work closer together.

The Nordic plan consists of identified strategic areas of collaboration. The purpose is to  enable and ensure sustainable growth in the tourism industry in the region, in alignment with the 2030 UN Sustainable development goals. developing

Among the prioritized areas of collabortion is the necessity of developing
the Nordic Brand in long-haul destinations such as China, USA and India.

Read the Nordic plan and the process forward.



Nordisk turismplan 2019-2023