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Stockholm Skavsta and the decommissioning of Bromma

9 september 2021

The special inquiry officer to the Government presented his report on the decommissioning of Bromma on Aug 31th. In it he states that Bromma could be closed by 2025-2027 and that Stockholm Skavsta has a good capacity to act as a second airport in the Stockholm area, not least from 2035 when the Ostslinken is planned to be operational. He predicts the role of Skavsta to be smaller in the decommissioning process.

The task for the Special Inquiry Officer was to present how and within what timeframe could Bromma Airport be decommissioned. The report does not take a stand on whether this should or shouldn’t be done.

According to the Special Inquiry Officer all of the domestic traffic at Bromma can be transferred to Arlanda. The role of Skavsta is smaller, but can be an alternative for general aviation currently using Bromma, as well as some technical service activities. He states that ”this is a matter for the players at Bromma, linked to the operating conditions offered at Skavsta and Arlanda and other options”.

The report (unofficial translation) is available on request.