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Precarious situation for all airports

10 maj 2020

Beatrice Ask, the County Governor for Södermanland, supports the arguments put forward in letters to the Government and the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions, SALAR, by Urban Granström, Mayor of Nyköping and Monica Johansson, Chairperson of the Regional Board, Region Sörmland.

-The effects of this pandemic on society are huge. Most Airtraffic is temporarily grounded, but it is important to realize that when the societies open up again, we will still be depending on  good international acces by Aviation to and from Sweden, says Beatrice Ask. Given that we handle this phase wisely, there is no doubt that Stockholm Skavsta Airport has all prerequisites to be a vital part of the infrastructure the national Aviation sector need. The geographical location, the technical requirements and service functions in Place, all speak for SSA and must be made use of. The surrounding Community stand behind the airport unianimously and is engage in its future, notice Beatrice Ask.

SALAR requests increased state support

The importance of securing a level market amongst airports is stressed in the letters as are the needs by the national Swedish Coast Gurards and the national fire recues Aircrafts pose on SSA in a critical time. SALAR has listened to these arguments and in its letter to the Government it requests increased state support for non-governmental Airports including financial aid.