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24 april 2018


24 april 2018
A questionnaire has been sent to some 300 selected stakeholders asking for their view on Stockholm Skavsta Airport today and tomorrow. Among the respondents are MP:s, civil servants of national and regional agencies, the government offices, journalists, national ...

3 new destinations

2 mars 2018
This last week three new destinations have been announced. Wizz Air will fly to Szczecin (previously known as Stettin) in Poland, starting this spring. Szczecin is often referred to as Paris of the North. Edinburgh makes a welcome ...

Saga Rail AB serves to make a point

We comment
19 januari 2018
A new Swedish Company, Saga Rail AB,  will operate trains between Stockholm and Linköping via Nyköping on weekends. The company is acting on a need and as such serves as an illustrative example. Some argue that the trains on ...

Closing the gap

17 januari 2018
Last week the Swedish Transport Agency published the statistics for 2017. They show that Stockholm Skavsta Airport remain no 3 counting passengers on international flights and no. 5 counting passengers on both domestic and international  flights. The gap ...

5.1 per cent more passengers 2017

8 januari 2018
2 132 072 persons chose to fly via Stockholm Skavsta Airport last year, which means 5.1 per cent more than during 2016. CEO, Peter Steinmetz, is pleased with the continuation of the positive trend: - 90 per cent ...

Direct broadcast in TV 4 when the Foreign Ministry give advice to travellers fom Stockholm Skavsta

21 december 2017
The new bankcards are easy to hi-jack and you're not even aware it has happened until far too late. Luckily it is also easy to avoid this experience. Earlier this week representatives from the Foreign Ministry gave persons flying Stockholm Skavsta advice on ...

Securing Stockholm as a more robust destination

21 december 2017
Passengers set out to Stockholm will, after 2019, no longer risk ending up in Norway or Finland when severe weather conditions hamper normal aviation traffic. The installation of ILS Cat IIIB technology allowing planes to land at Stockholm Skavsta airport ...

The National Negotiation proposes the Government to continue the dialogue regarding co-financing of station at Skavsta

21 december 2017
Sweden's first high-speed railway will run between Stockholm and Gothenburg/Malmö. The regional project "Ostlänken" from Södertälje Syd to Linköping has been incorporated in this bigger picture and will become the first leg. The new railway aims to ...