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East Link to be built from the north

24 januari 2020

The Swedish Transport Administration will build the East Link from the North and in stages. The Agency also opens for train traffic progressively. The decision was announced earlier this week after a period of scrutinizing the estimated cost of the Project.

The Swedish Transport Administration has scrutinized the expected cost of the planned Railway, with 54 billion SEK set aside in the national Transport plan for 2018-2029. In April it seemed likely that another 10 billion would be needed to finalize the Project and this triggered the scrutiny. The result show that large sections of the planned East Link stay within budget whereas certain sequels are propelling costs.
– Based on this we will plan to begin building the East link form the North and work from Järna to Norrköping in stages. The planning process is further progressed here than in the south and we are open for allowing trains on the rail progressively, says Einar Schuch, Regional Director in the Swedish Transport Administration.
– We are working very well with the national Agency, comments Urban Granström (S), mayor of Nyköping. The Municipality is far advanced in its process for both the rail and the stations in central Nyköping and at the airport. Ground preparations will begin this autumn for the station in central Nyköping and the building is expected to start in 2022.