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An investment that benefits the country

We comment
28 november 2018

This morning foggy weather meant that planes destined för Bromma Airport were redirected to Arlanda, Stockholm Skavsta or Växjö. Passengers that landed on Arlanda or here could probably go about their day more or less as planned. For those landing in Växjö the work day had ended even before it began.

The new topnotch landingsystem that currently is being installed at Stockholm Skavsta, will mean that from 2020, there will be two airports in the region able to operate nonstop in all weather.

For passengers coming to Stockholm to carry out those tasks or attend those meetings that could not be dealt  with from afar this means less worries. Stockholm will become a more robust destination.

An invest made by Stockholm Skavsta Airport AB and the European Union that benefits the whole country.