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Ostlänken to be built for 250 km/h

11 oktober 2018
The Swedish Transport Administration have decided that the maximum speed on high-speed railway "Ostlänken" will be 250 km/h. Ostlänken is the first leg of a system that will connect Stockholm-Malmö and Stockholm-Gothenburg. The speed for two ...

New route to Prague this spring

26 september 2018
Ryanair has announced a new route to the capital of the Czech Republic. The route to Prague is operated three days per week, starting in April 2019.    

Get at taste of Take Off Skavsta on Nov 8th

24 september 2018
Airports own a lot of land. Successful ones transform their landside real estate into profitable commercial developments, such as office parks, R&D hubs, and tourist attractions. How do they do it? That’s the topic ...

No 4 in Sweden

7 september 2018
With a passenger growth of around 8 per cent during the first 6 months of  2018, Stockholm Skavsta is Sweden's fourth busiest airport The latest statistics from the Swedish Transport Agency show 1 292 ...

Takeover finalized - VINCI Airports new owner

7 september 2018
VINCI Airports has finalized the acquisition of the airport portfolio held by Airports Worldwide which includes Stockholm Skavsta Airport. With this major acquisition, VINCI Airports widens its network to 44 airports on three continents. ...
Bild på bikupor av glas med växte roch djur i olika klimatzoner

Future attraction at Skavsta?

29 juni 2018
The newspaper Sörmlands Nyheter has published an article on the possible location of an attraction inspired by  Project Eden in Great Britain to the Skavsta area. -We have signed a letter of intent to explore ...

Airport city for the future

29 juni 2018
The large area surrounding the Airport will be developed into an Airport City for the future in a co-operation between Skanska Sverige AB, the municipality of Nyköping and Stockholm Skavsta Flygplats AB. Based on different analyses the ...

Location of trainstation at airport decided

We comment
29 juni 2018
The Government has decided to locate the train station to the track coming from central Nyköping. This decision follows the proposal by the Swedish Transport Administration. -We are pleased to have a decision even if the result is ...
Gör Stockholm Skavsta till backup för Arlanda!

Strong political support for Stockholm Skavsta

26 juni 2018
"Make Stockholm Skavsta Airport the backup for Arlanda." An advertisement with this message will be published in "Dagens industri" on July 4, during Almedalsveckan. The  message is signed by the 17 most influential politicians in the region ...

Vinci Airports new owners

26 april 2018
VINCI Airports is acquiring the airport group Airports Worldwide including Stockholm Skavsta Airport. VINCI Airports is a global developer of airports, today operating 36 airports in 7 countries. - To become a part of ...