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Gå till Stockholm Skavsta flygplats
Vill du flyga?

The highspeed train Ostlänken will bring the Stockholmregion closer together and favour the development and growth of the area tremendously. A train station will be built at the Airport and in the future a train ride between Stockholm Skavsta and Stockholm Central station will take 38 minutes.

The infrastructure Project Ostlänken is a 150 km long high speed rail (250 km/h). The details of the plan is becoming clearer and early 2020 the layout of the side-stretch from the area towards Nyköping city center will be presented by The Swedish Transport Administration. The mainstretch of the rail is being planned simultaneously.  

With Ostlänken up and running Södertälje and Norrköping will be just 20 minutes away and Linköping a mere 35 minutes. The building of the rail link is expected to be finalized by 2035.

A hub for several modes of transport 

An infrastructure hub is planned by the airport’s train station permitting a smooth system for bicycles, cars, regional buses, airport coaches and rail transports to the freight harbour in Oxelösund for shipping in the Baltic Sea. Through funding by EU:s Conneting Europe Facility, vital pieces of information for the on-going planning process are made.  

5,7 million passengers likely in 2040

The prognosis carried out by SWECO confirms the earlier calculations that 5.7 million persons will travel by way of Stockholm Skavsta airport on an annual basis in 2040.  This means a daily flow in the area of between 30 000  to 40 000 persons compared to todays flow of 5000-6000 persons. 

Daily 5000 will choose train to and from Airport. 

5 000 persons will arrive to the area by train Daily, according to a study and 170 airport coaches are expected to circulate on a daily basis. The study provides vital planning material not least in deciding access to and exits off the motorway for all the different vehicles.

Proximity and connectivity – key factors when exploiting the area

The Airport is surrounded by a substantial amount of hitherto unexploited land. This is about to change and the qualities tha should form the bases for the business case are identified. The analyses shows that proximity and connectivity allowing local, regional, national and international flow, be it goods, services or knowledge are what sets the area apart.