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The Southern Gateway to Stockholm

Here you will learn why Stockholm Skavsta Airport is the Southern Gateway to Stockholm, providing airport access from and to the region south of central Stockholm.

Over 2,3 million passengers are choosing this airport for their international travels between 46 destinations in Europe and Stockholm. This makes Stockholm Skavsta a gateway to international business and markets.

First Solar Energy plant at the airport

21 oktober 2020

Stockholm Skavsta Flygplats AB plans in collaboration with a business partner to build a solar energy plant in the airport area. This will be the first larger solar energy plant in a Swedish airport, and will make the facility fully in line with the Stockholm Skavsta Airport’s majority owner VINCI Airports’ environmental strategy to halve the group’s carbon footprint by 2030 and to become net carbon neutral by 2050.
The solar energy plant is expected to be commissioned in the summer of 2021 and will provide C02 neutral power to the airport operations and to the area of activity planned for the area, a few years ahead.

Stockholm Skavsta joins ACI´s carbon accreditation programme

28 september 2020

Stockholm Skavsta has joined the Airports Council International (ACI) programme and obtained the first level of the Airports Carbon Accreditation (ACA). Vinci Airports has set goals for the Company as whole to reduce the environmental effects of aviation. One component of the AirPact programme is for all airports to reach the targets of ACA.

Cédric Fechter takes over as CEO

26 augusti 2020

The new CEO at Stockholm Skavsta is Cédric Fechter who has a long history within the VINCI Group. Prior to this new position he was Managing Director at Lyon Airport, which 2019 was voted Best Airport by Airports Council International/Europe in the cathegory 10-25 million passengers.

Precarious situation for all airports

10 maj 2020

Beatrice Ask, the County Governor for Södermanland, supports the arguments put forward in letters to the Government and the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions, SALAR, by Urban Granström, Mayor of Nyköping and Monica Johansson, Chairperson of the Regional Board, Region Sörmland.