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The Southern Gateway to Stockholm

Here you will learn why Stockholm Skavsta Airport is the Southern Gateway to Stockholm, providing airport access from and to the region south of central Stockholm.

Over 2,3 million passengers are choosing this airport for their international travels between 46 destinations in Europe and Stockholm. This makes Stockholm Skavsta a gateway to international business and markets.

Stockholm Skavsta prepares to meet demands after the pandemic

1 april 2021

23 different destinations in 16 European countries will be accessible from Stockholm Skavsta this summer. Three new destinations: Zadar, Riga and Tirana several of the most popular in Spain, Italy and Greece.

Two more water scooping aircrafts at Stockholm Skavsta

28 januari 2021

The preparedness for combatting forest fires in Sweden and northern Europe is reinforced with two additional scooping aircrafts stationed at Stockholm Skavsta 2021-2023.

Passenger decrease 2020 in line with Arlandas'

11 januari 2021

The statistics for 2020 show a passenger decrease of 75 per cent compared to 2019. In December the decrease was 82 per cent. Stockholm Skavsta fared marginally better than Arlanda and Landvetter as Arlanda had 76 % less persons in International traffic in 2020 compared to 2019 (86 % in December) whereas Landvetter served 76 percent less ( - 87% in December) persons compared to the year before.

First Solar Energy plant at the airport

21 oktober 2020

Stockholm Skavsta Flygplats AB plans in collaboration with a business partner to build a solar energy plant in the airport area. This will be the first larger solar energy plant in a Swedish airport, and will make the facility fully in line with the Stockholm Skavsta Airport’s majority owner VINCI Airports’ environmental strategy to halve the group’s carbon footprint by 2030 and to become net carbon neutral by 2050.
The solar energy plant is expected to be commissioned in the summer of 2021 and will provide C02 neutral power to the airport operations and to the area of activity planned for the area, a few years ahead.