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The Southern Gateway to Stockholm

Here you will find information on why Stockholm Skavsta Airport is the Southern Gateway to Stockholm, providing airport access from and to the region south of central Stockholm.

Yearly over 2,2 million passengers are choosing this airport for their travels and over 45 destinations in Europe connect directly with Stockholm Skavsta. This makes Stockholm Skavsta a gateway to international business and markets.

Stockholm Skavsta - the natural partner to Arlanda

15 november 2019

Develop Stockholm Skavsta into an aviation node for central and southern Sweden. That would be an important step for both people and environment, argues leading representatives from Region Sörmland and the Municipality of Nyköping.
We live in a globalised society. International access and traveling are natural parts of life. A smooth transport system has crucial impact on both business developments and regional growth. The future of Sweden depends on being an accessible part of Europe and making travelling more effective while minimizing the climate effects.

Sweden's third busiest Airport

15 november 2019

The number of passengers traveling through Stockholm Skavsta continues to increase. Thereby passing Bromma and claiming the title of Sweden's third biggest airport in total as well as international travel. According to the Swedish Transport Agency, 1 984 666 people have chosen to fly via Stockholm Skavsta as of October. While 1 977 205 traveled via Bromma. The cause of the continuing rise lies in the travelers motives. People who travel via SSF do so extensively in the line of duty or to visit family and friends.

Strenghtened co-operation to support Nordic tourism

16 juli 2019

The Nordic council of ministers agreed in June on a plan for tourism 2019-2023. The Swedish government is working on a national strategy for tourism for the period 2030. If the national economies of the Nordic countries were combined to one (1) it would be the 12th biggest in the world. The importance of tourism for the national and regional economies is substantial, hence the desicion to work closer together.

Take Off Skavsta - sustainable growth

12 juli 2019

18 September 2019, Connect hotel Skavsta, Nyköping
The Conference will be held in Swedish and English. Simultaneous translation from Swedish to English is available.