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The Southern Gateway to Stockholm

On this web you will find information on why Stockholm Skavsta Airport is the Southern Gateway to Stockholm, providing airport access from and to the region south of central Stockholm.

Yearly 2 million passengers are choosing this airport for their travels and over 45 destinations in Europe connect directly with Stockholm Skavsta. This makes Stockholm Skavsta a gateway to international business and markets.

Latest News

  • 20 years of priceworthy travelling from Stockholm Skavsta with Ryanair.
  • The Aviation tax is topical in Sweden and causing rifts in the Parliament.
  • The Israeli airline Arkia Airlines will bring charter tourists from Israel to Sweden during July and August. (May 5th)
  • Sweden is preparing a case for when the European Medication Agency (EMA) will leave UK and relocate elsewhere in the EU. As the agency has 40 000 visits yearly, easy access to airports is vital. Stockholm Skavsta is hence keeping the responsible parts for the Swedish case updated on all our plans.
  • A side effect of building Ostlänken may be increased tourism. Sörmlands Turismutveckling AB, STUA, and Svensk Destinationsutveckling, have identified Poland as a possible growth market for the regional tourism sector. With seven cities in Poland accessible from Stockholm Skavsta and ferries from Nynäshamn, Poland could be a market to tap into. Business Sweden has made a market research which shows that Sweden is among the Polish top-10 holiday destinations. As it is popular among Polish tourists to visit friends and family while vacationing, an increased stream of visitors could be possible when Polish construction workers are being recruited to build Ostlänken.